Gaby Riess

Property Manager

Gaby has been part of McAndrew Property Group for three years, taking a hands-on approach in the Property Management team. Gaby’s property experience spans across sales and property management, providing her with a strong understanding of what is expected of her from both the tenant and the owner.

Gaby’s helpful, calm manner, exceptional work ethic, eye for detail, as well as strong organisational and communication skills, ensure the customer is well informed and the job is done to the best outcome for all parties. Gaby genuinely believes that each property should be managed as if it was her own, and her professional approach always aims to look after their best interests.

Qualifications and Experience
Real Estate Agent No. 2602302
15 years property experience
Recent Achievements
Contributing to improve systems within the property management team

Client Feedback

Tenant (February 2016)

I was a tenant for 4 years with McAndrew Property Group as the property managers.  My flatmate and I found that we were treated with respect and courtesy.  Issues such as plumbing were dealt with quickly and with minimal fuss.  Most importantly, they’re a friendly bunch and easy to communicate with.