Adrian Kirwan

Adrian Kirwan

Senior Sales and Marketing Specialist

A knowledgeable and highly experienced real estate agent and auctioneer, Adrian is a process driven agent that is motivated by a strong ethical belief about doing the right thing and providing a refined experience for your real estate needs.

Comfortable selling properties all over Brisbane, Adrian is a strong negotiator with excellent communication skills and diligence when pursuing a sale. He strongly believes in involving sellers in all aspects of the property sales process to achieve great results. Adrian understands that buying and selling property can be emotional and stressful at times, yet always an incredibly important milestone in people’s lives.

As passionate today as he was when he started in the industry over 20 years ago, Adrian is excited by the direction that technology is taking the industry, yet firmly believes that Real Estate is more about building a relationship with the sellers than it is about selling houses.

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Licensed Agent and Auctioneer  # 3116811 

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