McAndrew Group (McAndrew Developments Pty Ltd)

Holds a Corporate QBCC Builder (Low Rise) Licence No. 15029311 and Project Management Services Licence No. 1098614, our Director, Matt McAndrew also holds an Individual Licence No. 1098614.

In fact, Matt McAndrew is a 5th generation licenced builder for the family, which has a long history of construction throughout South East Queensland and Northern NSW.

After all, McAndrew Group, prior to its founding in its current format in 1985, operated as a Home Improvement business since 1977.

Today, our construction knowledge is applied to each of our Property Development projects from commencement to completion.

In addition to this, Lifestyle Pool Co. is a fully owned subsidiary of the McAndrew Group, and was established to construct swimming pools throughout a variety of our own projects, commencing in 2015

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