Linda Kane

Linda Kane

Senior Property Manager

Linda has been employed in the Real Estate industry for the past 29 years. Linda’s first 9 years in the industry involved Real Estate sales in Brisbane and Interstate, with the last 20 years dedicated to Property Management with McAndrew Group. Linda’s passion for helping and dealing with people is one of the major reasons for her longevity within this industry.

Qualifications and Experience

  • Certificate IV in Real Estate Agency Practices
  • Licenced Real Estate Agent No. 3118969
  • 29 years of property experience

Recent Achievements

  • Updating systems to ensure integration with owners and tenants
  • In a recent survey sent to property owners who manage their properties with McAndrew Property Group received exemplary positive feedback

Client Feedback

Owner (March 2016)

Linda has looked after my investment property for the past 13.5 years. It has been a pleasure to deal with Linda. Issues have been dealt with promptly and professionally; if I have missed addressing something, I get a gentle reminder. Whenever I have rung Linda, I have either been able to speak with her or if I have to leave a message, I can be assured that my call will be returned promptly. Her pleasant, cheerful disposition makes discussing matters easy. I am always kept up to date with tenant issues and I always get such good, apt feedback. I discuss matters with her and we come up with the most appropriate solutions. How Great is That! Do you have a rental property? I would highly recommend Linda’s services. Linda is a consummate professional and pays attention to even the smallest nitty gritty item. Thanks, Linda for all your wonderful work!

Owner (February 2016)

Thanks for all your time and assistance over the past 5 years. l must say that you went beyond the call of duty at times and always confidently dealt with whatever problems that we were confronted with.

Owner (February 2016)

McAndrew Property Group were our leasing agent on our rental property for approximately two years. They helped us achieve a great rental return and selected a great tenant. They took care of all matters which let us just sit back and let the property do its thing. It was a great experience. 

Tenant (February 2016)

I was a tenant for 4 years with McAndrew Property Group as the property managers.  My flatmate and I found that we were treated with respect and courtesy.  Issues such as plumbing were dealt with quickly and with minimal fuss.  Most importantly, they’re a friendly bunch and easy to communicate with.

Tenant (February 2016)

We’d like to say thank you for performing your role as Property Manager (PM) to the highest standards. We also own a property in WA and you provide a model performance that our PM over there can only hope to strive for.  As tenants, it’s always difficult when the PM is focused on the landlord for service, but from a tenants point of view, both yourself and McAndrew Group were exceptional.  Honestly, the best PM we’ve ever encountered.

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