Residential Development Manager

Overcome the Residential Property Development Challenges in Your Project with the Help of a McAndrew Group

Residential Development Manager

Residential real estate development means developing property for residential living purposes in an area zoned for people to live on by local zoning laws. Purely residential real estate development project areas cannot be used for commercial or industrial purposes. Residential real estate development projects may include subdivisions – where the land is divided into lots with houses constructed on each lot, small unit and apartment development, commercial-scale private and public housing projects and more. Each type of residential real estate development project is liable to be face different challenges and opportunities, requiring its residential property developers to be able to navigate and negotiate a wide range of aspects such as, for example:

The need to balance so many, wildly varied aspects of any given project can be daunting for both prospective and seasoned residential property developers.

We have experience working across a broad range of properties of every size, scope and complexity. Drawing on over 35 years’ experience, our team of property development management experts can help you generate significant return on your investment by providing strategic direction and decision making.

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